Serving Palm Beach, Broward, Dade Martin, and St. Lucie Counties 24/7/365

Toll Free Orders: 888-387-XRAY (9729)

Local Orders: 561-964-3311

Toll Free Fax: 888-493-1890

Local Fax: 561-964-3199

Mobile EKGs

    PMD uses self-interpreting ekg machines that are regularly calibrated for accuracy. EKG tests are performed at the bedside and results are instantly provided upon completion of the study. We also offer cardiologist over-reads by local, independently contracted cardiologists if desired. 

Mobile Ultrasounds

       We perform all modalities of mobile ultrasound including Cardiac (echocardiograms), Abdominal, Vascular, Arterial, Pelvic/GYN, Obstetric, and Small Parts Ultrasounds, using state-of-the-art digital ultrasound technology. Our technicians are fully licensed and will always handle your patients and residents with care and respect. Much like our digital x-ray process, our techs send your patient’s images to our radiologists from the bedside and patient images are made available online immediately upon completion. Patient reports are available online as soon as they are read by the radiologist (typically 15 min to 1 hour after the exam is complete).

Mobile X-RAYs

 We provide fully digital, mobile x-ray services for every type of study that requires x-ray imaging. We can perform these services in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult family home cares, jails, prisons, juvenile detention centers, private homes, private doctors offices, hospitals, etc. 
​ Our Digital X-Ray service allows you to view your patient x-ray images online as soon as the technician completes the study at the patients bedside, and your x-ray reports as soon as they are read by the radiologist (typically 15 min to 1 hour after the exam is complete).
​ Additionally, If your patient needs x-ray films for a doctor’s appointment, we will provide courier services free of charge to either your facility, the patient’s home or to the patient’s doctor’s office. We also can set up your physician's computer, your personal computer, or your facilities computers to be able to get x-ray images online. We provide stat services (both diagnostics and film delivery) free of charge.  
 We also have the ability to perform and develop plain film x-rays. This redundant system allowed us to be the only portable x-ray provider to be up and running within an hour of the end of hurricane Wilma.